Strategic Performance Coaching

If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, creator or highly paid freelancer/consultant who wants to:

  • Become more action-oriented. Build work capacity and massively increase your productive output.
  • Optimize personal operations. Gain an edge, perform at your peak, structure your routines, habits and systems for maximum productivity.
  • Make better decisions, faster. Be more decisive in your day-to-day work and increase the pace and confidence with which you make decisions.
  • Stop overthinking. Escape analysis paralysis, get unstuck, and eliminate procrastination/overthinking cycles that hold you back.
  • Execute with power & strategy.
Then you may be a good fit for coaching with me.
I have a background in productivity, peak performance, and working through the numerous “mental” problems that plague entrepreneurs, execs, creators, and anyone doing work that involves the brain.
I also have an extensive background in growing online businesses, both my own and others as a consultant and growth partner.
I’m not formally qualified in any way as a therapist or psychologist. I cannot help you with that kinda stuff.
But what I can do is:
  • Help you simplify your personal & business operations so you can be 2-3x more effective.
  • Guide you towards making decisions and taking action.
  • Act as a sparring partner to help you be more strategic in your work (challenge your assumptions, ask the question behind the question, move you towards first-principles thinking).
  • Hold you accountable so you do what you know must be done. 

If this interests you, then please click the button below. You’ll be taken to a form with a few questions. At the end of that form is a scheduling link to book a free discovery call with me. 

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