About Me

I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and content creator studying outliers, peak performance, and extreme productivity. Coaching others on how to level up.

What I'm working on

  1. 🎛️ I’m the founder of EDMProd, an online educational platform for electronic music producers. I started this when I was 18 (9 years ago), and replaced myself as director at the start of 2023. I’m no longer involved in the day to day. 
  2. 👨Right now, I’m intensely focused on building my personal brand and audience on YouTube and Twitter. I’m obsessed with productivity and peak performance, and this is what most of my content revolves around.
  3. 📨 I write a weekly email newsletter called Work Notes. Every Monday morning, I send out actionable insights and tactics on how to scale yourself and your business.

Other stuff

  1. 📝 I started my first blog at age 14, wrote 90 articles over the course of 12 months, and made zero dollars. Decided online business was a scam and didn’t pick it up again until a couple years later.
  2. 🎓 I almost went to college/uni to study business. Decided last minute that I’d start a business instead on the assumption that even if I failed, I’d still learn more than if I had got a degree. Best decision I’ve made.
  3. 🇳🇿 I was born and bred in New Zealand. It’s the most beautiful country in the world IMO. 
  4. 🎥 My main hobby is business. I spend most of my time working because I enjoy it. Outside of this, I like lifting weights, great conversations, and eating incredible steaks. I recently took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s hard. I’m slowly improving.

Get in touch

  1. 🐦 The best way to contact me is through Twitter—either tweet me publicly or DM. I’m also on Instagram.
  2. 📨 If it’s a longer question, business-related pitch, or something else entirely—feel free to email me ([email protected]). I will not respond to Googleable questions, so don’t ask ’em 🙂

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