Building a Productized Service Step-by-Step: Day 5

It’s Thursday today. Wednesday didn’t really happen. Did a few minor things but failed to work 2 hours.

Today was more productive. Finalized a few things on the sales page, linked up Stripe + Typeform for the free consultation button, and emailed a few people for feedback. 

My plan for getting clients

I don’t want to spend much time working on content marketing or paid advertising before getting my first client. It’s too risky to put weeks worth of work into something that’s still not validated. 

Instead, I’m just going to hustle. But I have a rough plan for this:

  1. Get feedback from people I know
  2. Pitch mutual friends/contacts
  3. Cold pitch

For the first step, I’m using Brian Casel’s Warm Pitch template from his Productize course (this course has been an immensely helpful asset in the creation of this business so far—very grateful for it). 

Unfortunately, I haven’t really worked in this industry (email marketing) before, so my list of warm contacts is small. I managed to email 10 people who I think will be able to give decent feedback on the product. 

One has already responded. He’s been selling email marketing services for ~6 years and suggested:

  • To make the service monthly recurring—reduces a TON of stress knowing that a client is going to pay you $X,XXX next month. It also makes the business more sellable. 
  • To remove pricing info from the sales page.

ttI agree with both. Brian recommended keeping pricing on the sales page. Kind of on the fence. I think I’ll take it off for now as I get my early clients. I might test it being displayed on the sales page later on.

Review + tomorrow’s plan

Was fairly productive. Happy with what I accomplished. 

Did I achieve what I set out to do yesterday?

Yes. Sales page is designed and did a few extra things. 

Tomorrow, I will:

  • Think through the package design further. John’s advice was helpful. 


  • Money spent: $50 total
    • $50 for domain name (
  • Money earned: $0
  • Hours worked: 2 (total: 10.5)
  • Coffee count: 2 (total: 12)

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