Building a Productized Service Step-by-Step: Day 4 – Refined Pitch Doc + Sales Page

This one’s gonna be kept short because it was an uninteresting day. 

Spent 90-120 minutes on refining the pitch doc and turning it into a sales page. Feel great about the direction this is heading in but anxious to start validating and trying to get sales.

Video recap

Review + tomorrow’s plan

Was fairly productive. Happy with what I accomplished. 

Did I achieve what I set out to do yesterday?

Yes. The sales page is drafted, not designed. 

Tomorrow, I will:

  • Draft rough design of sales page. 


  • Money spent: $50 total
    • $50 for domain name (
  • Money earned: $0
  • Hours worked: 2 (total: 8.5)
  • Coffee count: 2 (total: 10)

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