6-Month Side Hustle: Building a Content-Based Business Step-by-Step (Part 2)

It’s been 11 days since I started on this project.

11 days since I wrote the initial article detailing my plan.

So, what’s happened since then?

Website + general concept

I’ve put roughly 20 hours in over the past 11 days. Most of that time has gone towards writing The Momentum Framework article (which I’ll get to in a moment) and putting together the website.

I know that I said I’d put together 5 well-written articles before even tackling the website, but I realize that that’s not a way to build momentum. For me personally, having a well-designed website motivates me to put content out.

That, and the first article I’ve written is 4,500 words. So if I continue at that rate, it will be a while before I reach 5 posts.

First, I put together a basic homepage:

Currently, there’s no “free video training series.” No one is visiting this site, really. But the plan is to have a 3-4 high value video training that leads people towards booking a strategy call with me, which as everyone knows is just a deceptive replacement for sales call.

The homepage purely exists to send people into this funnel, but also to serve as an initial positioning statement for first time visitors.

  • What is SelfSurge about?
  • Is this what I’m looking for?
  • Do they know what I’m struggling with?
  • Can they solve my problems?

After designing the homepage draft, I put together a basic blog page.

“The Surge” is an incredibly lame, cheesy name. I’m almost certain I’ll change it.

The Momentum Framework article

At least 7-8 hours of my time went towards writing The Momentum Framework article.

It’s what I consider to be one of the best approaches for building complex habits and skills.

I’ve drafted this in Google Docs and ported it over to a nice looking article page on the SelfSurge website. There’s another 1-2 hours of work to finalize everything, so it will be live next week.

First client = PROFIT!

As I started this project, I made a post on my Facebook page about whether people would be interested in following along as I build the business.

This caught the attention of a friend who asked me more questions. When I told him I was planning on doing some form of coaching (as part of SelfSurge), he said he’d be interested.

We jumped on a call. I offered him a discounted rate for a time-limited coaching arrangement (as I’m building out the model and refining things).

We agreed on $2,500 USD for a set time period.

Which puts me out of the red (the domain name + logo cost $2195 (if you think that’s stupid, read the first part of this series where I explain why I spent so much).

What’s next?

Next week, the plan is to finalize The Momentum Framework article and start planning out the video training series. As soon as that’s done, the website is live and functional.


Hours worked: 22.5 (estimate)

Money spent: $2,195

Money received: $2,500

Quick note on expenses: My website costs + similar costs are basically nil. I already have bulk hosting plans and various bits and pieces of software that I don’t need to pay for again. If I was starting completely from scratch and had never built a business before, these costs would have to be factored in.

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