3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Read Business Twitter

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been spending a lot more time on Twitter (@sammatla).

This isn’t for any particular reason, I just downloaded the app and started following a bunch of people.

Before long, I found myself right in the middle of “business Twitter” and “eCommerce Twitter.”

What a mess.

Mountains of bad advice, platitudes, and in some cases—sheer arrogance.

In this post, I share 5 reasons why you should avoid business Twitter. Especially if you want to actually build an online business.

Note: I’m not lumping all Twitter business accounts in this category. Some guys I follow genuinely provide immense value. I’m talking more about those peddling their cheap PDFs and the young eCommerce guys who lack maturity and depth.

1. Twitter won’t educate you (enough)

Your ability to build and run a successful online business is predicated on the following:

  1. Your knowledge
  2. Your skills
  3. Your ability to think (which is itself a skill, combined with acquired knowledge)

You can learn things from Twitter. There are some great threads out there that I’ve benefitted from.

But you will not learn the deep knowledge and skills that you need to make good decisions. For that, you need books, trainings, or mentors.

You need to learn at a fundamental level, especially if you’re new to business.

  • You need to learn about psychology, specifically: what makes people buy?
  • You need to develop focus, and learn how to set goals and reach them (good luck building a business without this skill)
  • You need to gain expertise in your domain through deliberate practice and research

This takes time. It takes effort.

Unfortunately, Twitter cannot provide the kind of education necessary for you to succeed in online business. I’m willing to bet that the PDF on Gumroad they’re selling can’t either. It’s just not that simple, and anyone who tells you that it is? They’re selling you something.

2. Twitter will make you insecure

In the world of business Twitter, you’ll see eCommerce “masterminds” publish tweets that include variations of:

  • “If you’re not making 10k/month you’re an idiot and hate yourself”
  • “This is EASY: Learn a skill, find clients, make money.”
  • “Just made 50k this month! Onwards and upwards.”

If you read tweets like this and you’re in the early stages (or haven’t started yet), one of two things are going to happen:

  • You’ll feel motivated (and we’ll get to why that’s a bad thing in a moment)
  • You’ll feel insecure

Most likely, it will be the latter.

You’ll see guys younger than you making what looks like a ton of money (but notice they never publish their profit margins—only revenue).

You’ll hear how they became successful in just 12 months.

And then you’ll feel like shit. Because you’re not there yet. You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough.

Guess what? It’s easy to sell something to an insecure person.

“You could continue down this path of not making 10k/month, trying to figure all this out, beating yourself up…. or you could buy my $27 PDF from Gumroad on how to build an online business.”

If you’re insecure and you read a Tweet that sells you the promise of similar results, you’ll jump on it. And when it doesn’t work for you (because most of these PDFs are just re-hashed content that don’t teach you on a fundamental level), you’ll bounce to the next product… and the next… until you give up.

3. Twitter will give you a false sense of progress

If you’re an active Tweeter, this applies even more to you. If you’re not, business Twitter can still be a problem.

When you read motivational tweets and business “advice” on Twitter, you trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually making progress.

You think you’re doing work.

You feel motivated.

But unless that motivation turns itself into action, it’s useless. And let’s be honest: how many times have you read a motivational tweet, felt motivated, and then quit Twitter to go do some actual work?

Chances are, you kept scrolling.

Here’s the thing: Scrolling Twitter is NOT work.

And you know it’s not.

Most of the time when I check Twitter, I’m procrastinating. I know there’s more important work to do. But I feel good when I scroll Twitter because it makes me think I’m doing work, which leads to me not doing any work because I feel like I’ve done it.


Twitter isn’t bad.

It can be a great platform to network, sell on, build your brand, and more.

And it can be a bunch of fun.

But if you’re trying to build an online business, just avoid it for 6 months. Honestly. I guarantee you’ll make more progress.

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